Dougal Robertson

"Survive the Savage Sea"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark APR 30, 1998)

In June 1972, the Robertson's boat was attacked by killer whales and sank in 60 seconds.  The six members of this family survive 37 days adrift in the Pacific, first in a rubber raft and then a fiberglass dingy. Without charts, compass, and with only 3 days worth of rations, they manage against 20 foot waves, sharks, thirst and starvation.

When I finished Adrift, I was on a hunt for more sea stories, so someone gave me this one to read. This certainly satisfied my interest proving to be another compelling read. What I found particularly interesting is the three sea survival stories together. Survive the Savage Sea is about a family's survival, whereas Adrift is single man's plight and Albatross (now called Untamed Seas) is survival amongst a group of strangers.

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Dougal Robertson was born in Scotland in 1924 and spent the war in the Merchant Marine. He and his wife Lyn lived on a farm in England for a number of years before deciding to go on a circumnavigation with their children. About Us | Subscribe | Review Team | History | ©1998-2014