Alison Anderson

"Hidden Latitudes"

(reviewed by Judi Clark OCT 1, 1998)

A couple sailing around the world need to stop for engine repairs before negotiating a reef bound harbor. However, there's a slight error in their readings and they end up at an uncharted island. Coincidentally the same island that is home to a women who's been living there since she washed ashore after her plane crashed 40 years earlier. This is a fantastic speculation on what may have been Amelia Earhart's life (with Fred) after she disappeared.

But the book does not stop at this. The couple on the sailboat have a lot to learn about themselves and each other. Though this is an interesting story in and of itself, what fascinated me most, having just "got off the boat" myself, is how incredibly true the live-aboard experience reads.

The author only does one strange thing that would have been better left unsaid -- she adds an afterward that this may or may not be Amelia Earhart in the story, it is up to us, the reader, to decide. Of course it is. This is fiction. If they ever republish this book I would hope that they would leave this tidbit of information out as it serves no necessary purpose outside of irriating the reader, who up until that point is quite content with the novel.

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Alison AndersonAlison Anderson grew up in New England and later lived in Greece, France, England and Switzerland.  For several years, she lived with her husband and daughter on a 55 year old wooden ketch in San Francisco Bay, eventually sailing the boat to Mexico.  She has worked as a teacher and a translator.

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