Zev Chafets

"Hang Time"

(Reviewd by Judi Clark OCT 18, 1998)

Hang Time by Zev Chafets

A basketball coach and two NBA players are mistakenly kidnapped by an Israeli Muslim physician, Dr. Abu Walid.  This is not the Zionist leader he had intended to kidnap, but it doesn't take long to figure out that Allah has given him better bait.  

Meanwhile, the US President sees an opportunity to put his name in the history book. (Was this what Clinton was thinking when he bombed the factories associated with Osama Bin Laden?) In fact it seems that everyone has their own reason NOT to find the kidnapped men, except for Tyrone's brother (who's a Detroit "badass"' ex-cop) and his friend, Israel's Chief of Police.  With Chafets' tongue in cheek humor, and his expertise on both Middle East and American politics, the book strikes a scary chord with reality.  Somehow, I believe all of this could happen...

"The Bookmakers"

(Reviewd by Judi Clark OCT 18, 1998)

The Bookmakers

If you like Elmore Leonard, find a copy of this book! The title is a play on the people who write, publish and promote books as well as the traditional "bookies" of the betting world. Writer Mack Green, has had quite a dry spell and then he is held up by a punk one night. Ironically, this is just the thing he needs since it seems to inspire his muse! Now he's got this brilliant idea to write a novel about the last year of a guy's life before he commits suicide.

The outrageous situations and characters in this book and the twists and turns are just plain fun, if not a little cynical.  Chafets is right up there with Leonard, when it comes to laughing at self absorbed characters looking to make a buck off their fellow man. 

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About the Author:

Zev Chafets (photo by Lisa Beyer)Zev Chafets was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he moved to Jerusalem, Israel in 1967. After active military service in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, he served as director of the Government Press Office under Menachem Begin. He spent 33 years in politics, government and journalism.

Chafets is a founding editor of the Jerusalem Report Magazine and the author of nine books of fiction, media criticism and social and political commentary. Since the fall of 2000, he has been writing a column for the Daily News.

He now lives in the New York area.

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