Mark Childress

"Crazy in Alabama"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark MAR 2, 1998)

Crazy in Alabama by Mark Childress

This book will make you laugh really hard, but don't underestimate the author's ability to tell a serious story. 


The novel is set in Alabama in the 1960's at the height of racial tension, which was nothing to laugh about, yet Childress puts together some unforgettable characters and mixes it with childhood memory that just puts you in stitches.  Better read this book soon, because Tri-Star pictures is making a movie of it!  Now this could be really good, since the material is so rich or really bad only the way Hollywood can ruin a book.

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Note regarding the movie: Now that I've seen it, I liked it as much as the novel.




(Reviewed Judi Clark MAR 2, 1998)

Tender by Mark Childress


Tender is the story of Leroy Kirby, the greatest rock and roll star ever. This is similar to but not Elvis Presley's life. I've never really been fascinated with Elvis per say, but this is a good novel. It has a knack of staying with you a long time after you've finished reading it.  Childress knows how to make you laugh while he's documenting social history. 

  • reader rating:from 6 reviews

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About the Author:

Mark ChildressMark Childress was born in 1957 in Monroeville, Alabama and grew up in the Midwest and the South. After graduation from the University of Alabama in 1978, he was a reporter for The Birmingham News, Features Editor of Southern Living magazine, and Regional Editor of The Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

He lived in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, for a few years, but now lives in New York City. About Us | Subscribe | Review Team | History | ©1998-2014