Farley Mowat

"The Boat Who Wouldn't Float"

 (Reviewed by Judi Clark MAR 2, 1998)

The Boat Who Wouldn't Float

Happy Adventure is a schooner with a fatal flaw, it leaks like a sieve.  Regardless, Farley is determined to sail this boat.

This book was first published in 1969, but is a timeless piece of work. Mowat is a natural story teller and his narrative and anecdotes are brilliant. He wrote this during his eight year residency in Newfoundland.

When I read this book, we were rafted up with a Canadian boat in Vero Beach.  Our friends didn't believe he had done any of the things that he said he did; they claim he's just a  "local" with some good stories.  Regardless whether fact or fiction, this book is fun!

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About the Author:

Farley MowatFarley Mowat is Canada's most widely read author and many would view him as a Canadian hero.

Born in 1921 in Belleville, Ontario, he grew up in Belleville, Trenton, Windsor, Saskatoon, Toronto and Richmond Hill. His writing career began at age 14 when he wrote a column on birds for a local newspaper. Then, while studying at the University of Toronto, he became outraged during a field trip regarding the exploitation of the Inuits. This later led to his first controversial book, People of the Deer.  

Never Cry Wolf is still widely read in many grade schools and is still opening young minds to the idea that it may be man that is sometimes the more dangerous animal in the wilderness. 

Octagenerian Farley Mowat and his wife Claire winter in Port Hope, Ontario and summer on their farm in Cape Breton.

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