Alison Pace

"If Andy Warhol Had A Girlfriend"

(Reviewed by Jennfier LeBlanc JUN 12, 2005)

Alison Pace begins every chapter of her new book with a different quote by Andy Warhol. They are, sadly, the only parts worth reading.

With an M.A. in Art History, Jane Laine is the manager of the Reese Gallery in NY. Specializing in contemporary art, Jane’s main responsibility is ordering mini Reese’s peanut butter cups for shows- a not-so-cute playoff of her boss’s last name. Buying candy with her advanced degree doesn’t bother Jane- she has the lofty goal of most single New York husband hunters. Instead of the owner of the Laine Gallery, Jane wants to be

Mrs. Jane Davis. I used to work at the Dick Reese Gallery but now I stay home with the kids, Blake and Lynne, and I am a Really Good Mom and a Very Happy Wife. The kids are just perfect little light brown-eyed angels. They just love the Volvo so much they hardly complain about the weekend drives to Connecticut.

One Jack Davis was supposed to make this dream come true for Jane, until Jack finds a girl named Daisy, who sends daisies (people with product names- we get it).

After a peanut butter cup incident Jane is called in to Mr. Reese’s office, not to be fired, but to be sent on an international work trip. While anyone else would acknowledge the promotion and chance to see places such as London and Rome, Jane finds it “grueling” and complains, “I never really liked to travel.” You can feel her pain on the page.

The trip is for the Reese Gallery’s cash cow, Ian Rhys-Fitzsimmons, the It-boy of the art world. A quiet Brit in bold clothing, Ian chose Jane, his secret crush, to help him exhibit his sculptures around the world. Jane also doesn’t “get” Ian’s work but slowly begins to appreciate it as they get closer. Yes, love is inevitable- after, of course, a disastrous blind date, chasing Owen Wilson through a London nightclub and settling for someone short and fat.

There are countless single-city-girl stories but some stand out with laugh-out-loud character quirks or excellent writing. Jane’s mother having elaborately- named schnauzers and the Reese/Rhys/Reese’s jokes are dull. Pace, having the art degrees and qualifications, tells a little about how the art world works but when it comes to writing novels she should keep her day job.

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Alison paceAlison Pace holds a degree in Art History from American University in Washington, D.C. and received a graduate certificate in American Art from Sotheby's Institute in New York. She has worked at Sotheby's and has also been an independent fine art researcher. She lives in New York City. About Us | Subscribe | Review Team | History | ©1998-2014