Mari SanGiovanni

"Greetings from Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer"

(Reviewed by Amanda Richards DEC 26, 2007)

Greetings from Jamaica by Mari SanGiovanni

Escaping to Jamaica has always been considered romantic, but readers of this hilarious book will find that vacationing in paradise can also be stressful, embarrassing, passionate and downright laugh out loud funny.

Marie Santora comes from an Italian family, or rather, is saddled with the standard Italian family that has been the target of comedians everywhere. Family feuds, ritual harassment of siblings and steaming hot meatballs are all a part of daily life, but when her grandmother passes to the next world, the contents of her last will and testament tip the family balance way over the edge.

Now financially independent for the first time in her life, Marie decides to make every moment count, dumping her unfaithful lover Jessica, buying a house in LA, and deciding to become a successful writer of screenplays. Not one to suffer mediocrity, Marie spends ages agonizing over the perfect actress for her perfect screenplay, finally deciding on actress Lorn Elaine. Somewhere along the way however, the writer turns stalker, and Marie is almost relieved to be setting off on an all expenses paid vacation to Jamaica with the family.

I said "almost."

The best part of the book follows, with the Italian contingent set loose in the land of the Reggae Boyz, complete with sun, sand, surf, trays of brightly colored alcoholic beverages, and of course hot meatballs.

While on the island, love is found in unexpected places, love is made in expected places, love is lost and found, lost lovers lurk, lurkers love lovers, and the reader will love every minute of it. One of the funniest reads in a long time. Irie mon!!

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About the Author:

Mari SanGiovanniMari SanGiovanni comes from a large Italian family in rural Rhode Island and attended Rhode Island School of Design.

Mari works full time for a large company in Boston as a Vice President of Product Development in the Home Décor, Giftware and tabletop industries.

Greetings From Jamaica is nominated fro 2 Lambda Literary Awards.

She lives in Rhode Island. About Us | Subscribe | Review Team | History | ©1998-2014