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2007 Pulitzer Prize Winner (updated 4-21-07)

2006 Nebula Nominees (updated 4-21-07)

From 2006:

2006 National Book Award (updated 11-19-06)

2006 Nobel Prize for Literature (10-12-06)

2006 Man Booker Winner (updated 10-10-06)

2006 Costa Awards (formerly Whitbread)

2006 Pulitzer Prize

2006 Edgar Award

2006 Macavity Awards

2006 Hugo Award Winner

2005 Nebula Nominees

From 2005:

2005 Anthony Awards

2005 Edgar Award Winners

2005 Macavity Awards

2005 Hugo Award Winner

2004 Nebula Nominees

2005 Man Booker Winner

2005 National Book Award

2005 Pulitzer Prize Winners

2005 Man Booker International Winner Announced

From 2004:

2004 National Book Award

2004 Man Booker Award

The 2004 Whiting Writer's Award

2004 REA Award

2004 Anthony Nominations

2004 Hammett Nominations

2004 Hugo Nominees

2003 Nebula Winners

2004 Edgar Winners

From 2003:

2003 Philip K. Dick Award

2003 Shamus Award Winners

2004 Pulitzer Prize Winners

2003 National Book Critics Circle (NBCC Winners)

2003 Man Booker Winner

2003 Anthony Award Winners

The 2003 CWA Dagger Awards

2003 Macavity Awards

2003 Willa Awards

Whitbread Book Awards (opens to Whitbread site)

Lamda Literary Award (opens to Lambda site)

Results from The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (wretched writers welcome).

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The Award Winners:
Follow these links to see the books that have won awards over the past five years--- just one more way to get ideas on what to read next! Note: look to left when the page comes up:

National Book
National Book Critic Circle
Booker Prize
Pulitzer Prize
Willa Awards
Spur Awards

Edgar Awards
Macavity Awards

Shamus Awards
Agatha Awards
Hammett Awards
Nebula Awards
Hugo Awards

Philip K. Dick Award

Pulitzer Prize
National Book



Short Story Collection:   A Guided Tour to  

Short Stories are a wonderful way to enjoy the craft of writing -- for most writers this is the vehicle in which they stretch their skills through writing groups and academic studies. Here's our collection of excerpts:

A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies by John Murray
Excerpt from "The Hill Station"

Down to a Soundless Sea by Thomas Steinbeck
Excerpt from "The Night Guide"

First French Kiss by Adam Bagdasarian
Excerpt from the title story

After the Quake by Haruki Murakami
"UFO in Kushiro"

Half in Love by Maile Meloy
"Ranch Girl"

I, Rhoda Manning Go Hunting with My Daddy
by Ellen Gilchrist
Excerpt from the title story

You Are Not a Stranger Here by Adam Haslett
"Notes to My Biographer"

The Whore's Child by Richard Russo
Excerpt from the title story

The Portable Promised Land by Touré
"The Steviewondermobile"

Simple Recipes by Madeleine Thien
Excerpt from the title story

Last Years' Jesus by Ellen Slezak
Excerpt from the title story

Everything's Eventual by Stephen King:
"Lunch at the Gotham Cafe"

The Varieties of Romantic Experience:
An Introduction

by Robert Cohen
The title story

The Empty Cafe by Michael Hoffman:
"Officer Bill"

Voices on the Stair by Elizabeth Routen:
"An Open Letter to Thomas Wolfe"

Futureland by Walter Mosley:
"Whispers in the Dark"

Hotel of the Saints by Ursula Hegi:
The title story

Foreign Brides by Elana Lappin:
"Noa and Noah"


The whole purpose behind is to help you find a good book to read. As such here are some hints as to how to get around and use the site as best as possible:

To SEARCH for an author, go to the list of ALL AUTHORS. Either use the alphabetical tabs to jump to the author by last name or use your browser to "FIND" the author's name.

If you are stuck on a title, but can't remember the author, try searching the ALL BOOK TITLES page. If you use the alphabetical tabs to jump to the book title, keep in mind to ignore the first word in the title if it begins with "the" or "a."

You may also use the Google search, to search within the site.

To read book reviews, select a "bookshelf" category from the table in the upper left of every page. On the right side of subsequent pages, there is a list of authors included on the bookshelf. (You can use "next book" at the top and bottom of each page to makeyour way through the shelf.) This page also shows latest reviews, related chapter excerpts, latest published books and new books coming soon.

Here's a brief explanation of each bookshelf:

Contemporary Fiction: This is the broadest category and in a sense is a catch all, but the intention is to list books that really draw you in with their language, imagery, character insight and sense of place.

Around the World: This is a collection of novels about places and people who live and breathe around the world. The intent is not so much geography as it is about the way one thinks or experiences life outside the United States or within the United States as a recent immigrant.

Latin American Writers and Magical Realism: This shelf features books by writers who live in the Latin American countries and the Caribbean. Many of the books are written with a touch of magical reality and many center around the politics of this part of the world. Usually the two are mixed to make for a very remarkable reading experience. Read a longer description of the Latin American shelf.

The Wild West: This not your typical pulp western. It is a collection of books about America, specifically the "taming of the west." Yes, some of the books on the shelf are about Cowboys and Indians. But it also includes Native American fiction as well as new fiction coming out of the Southwest and historical fiction. Read a longer description of the The Wild West shelf.

Facing History: This is fiction that is based on real people or real historical events. It tends to be more literary than a straight historical novel.

Humorous Fiction: These books make me laugh. Occasionally a book will catch me so off guard that I want to read every word out loud. Humor can be written in most any genre from sci-fi to award winning literature. Usually it's the self effacing characters that I find so entertaining, sometimes its the scam, in others its the ring of truth despite the absurdity of the situation that will make me laugh the most. And sometimes I laugh so hard I want to cry.

Mystery and Suspense: These books typically have one dead body. Or at least the notion that there could or will be a dead body. Usually the dead body has been murdered. These are the murder mysteries that are not part of a series. For the most part, their authors tend to turn out the books more slowly. They novels are well researched, solidly located in time and place and, often, occupation. They range from postmodern noir detective, to legal courtroom dramas to psychological suspense and beyond. Some of these novels could be considered more literature than genre.

Detective Series: These are fun and quick. Sleuth series are so dependable. They are about continuity and having a book never really end because another will (hopefully) follow. Picking up a new book in the series is like catching up with an old friend, sometimes they might even do things that annoy, but like friends, we accept the short comings and get on with the story.  Sleuth series writers succeed in making their protagonist's name better known than the authors, whether amateur, P.I., cop or happenstance.

Espionage and Thrillers: The focus of these novels is likely to be political or corporate intrigue, but can be high tech or medical as well. Many are technical and detailed and they sometimes weave historical events or headline news. The plots tend to take place in several locations hopping from country to country. The protagonist is often affiliated with a government or other covert organization and the antics range from breathless chases to stealth operations. The heroes are not always good guys but are on the good team or they're the good guy on the wrong team. The bad guys are capable of the most heinous punishments and ruthless subterfuge. Out of all fiction, these make the best movies.

Science Fiction: The world of Science Fiction is a world onto itself. There are entire magazines, events and web sites dedicated to this genre of fiction and movies. Thus there are people who live and breath Sci-fi and can hold very intelligent (if not fanatical) conversations and may be more qualified to make recommendations. In comparison, this Science Fiction collection is rather skimpy. But these books are highly recommended. They are selected for their language, imagery, characters and overall imagination.

True Adventure Stories: Hey, this is nonfiction! Essentially they are biographical accounts of people doing some fairly incredible things and for the most part, living to tell about it. This is real life adrenaline.

Miscellaneous Additions:

Here's a site dedicated to listing local Library and Community book sales throughout America.

Check out book-sales-in america to see if your town or one near by is planning a book sale. You can even have weekly alerts of upcoming sales.

I've been able to pick up boxes of books for next to nothing by following one of two strategies: Be the first one there and have a pick of the whole place. Go the last day and take your chance with the bargain bagful of books. Of course, sometimes I do both!

Need a list of books to take with you to a Books Sale, Used Bookstore or Library? Check out's PRINT LISTS.

Submission Guidelines:

Want to help us write books reviews? is looking to add two more volunteer reviewers to our virtual staff in the upcoming months. Please check out the Submission Guidelines which also hold information if want to suggest a book to be reviewed.

Note on suggestions for books for review: We are REALLY, REALLY backed up and apologize for all the people still waiting to hear back from us.

This is old news, but always important, and unfortunately must be said: NEVER sends e-mail with attachments. If you receive any e-mail with attachments or directing you to a greeting card or any other gimic, please delete without opening it. There is a lot of virus mail out there and since I've received e-mail from addresses (that I never sent), I can assume many of you have as well. I assure you that the only legitimate mail from us, is the newsletter, notifications to raffle winners and responses to e-mail sent directly to us. None of these will include attachments.


Online Book Groups

These are a few Yahoo Online Reading Groups that I find the most interesting (click on book group name for more information):

The Book Group List - This group was established in 1996 and includes about 800 members. Angie Hoke is the moderator and deserves lots of credit for keeping the group focused on its bimonthly reads. This reading group has the most in depth discussions out of all the groups and their Off Topics (OT) are amusing and often intelligent. You can visit their Web site for a reading schedule and to subscribe. Beware that this group generates a very large number of e-mails on a daily basis.

Murder and Mayhem Book Club - As indicated by the title, this group reads a wide range of mysteries. They have monthly club reads and then they also do something called a "buddy" read where two or more people decide to read the same book and have mini-discussions. They also host author chats. The discussions are not in depth, but if you feel the need to "talk" while reading, this is a good club. The moderators, Rachel and Em, also generate lots of general discussion questions that can be fun.

Beyond Reality is a group for people who enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy. They have monthly reads, which alternate between the two categories. To be honest, I am confused by the voting process, but that's likely because I'm only lurking, not seriously participating. The moderator, stays active with the group which seems to be a good thing, since of the groups that I "sit in on," this is the only that gets ornery.

Mysteries, etc is a small group, but very friendly. They cover mysteries, romance and horror and vote monthly in each category. They also choose an author to read every month. This club isn't so much for the discussions as to give a general guide to reading materials for a month. And to chat, mostly about books.


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