Ellen Feldman

"Rearview Mirror"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark AUG 02, 1998)

This is really more of a psychological thriller than it is a murder mystery, since the murder is not committed until the very end of the book. For the most part this novel does not dish out suspense as much as character motivation.

The story is about a freelance writer Hallie Fields. She's just completing one assignment, when she takes an assignment to profile Emma Weill, a successful young adult author. One of the things about Hallie is that despite constantly evaluating her own scruples as a writer, she isn't willing to give up her view of the East River in New York City and the steep rent required to maintain that view. She's also recently started to relax a tried and true rule: "don't sleep with a profile until you have published the piece." She does, however, get entangled with the last "profile" before he sees his article in print.  So it's not hard to see why though reluctant, she takes on this latest assignment. 

To the world, Emma Weill is a woman who has everything: success, long term marriage and nice children. She also happens to be from the same home town as Hallie. Not that they really knew each other, but their mothers did. Hallie accepts an invitation to spend a few days with Emma and her family to get closer to her profile. But sometimes getting to know your next profile can be a bit deadly.

The complexities that arise in her personal and professional lives, not only add depth and provoke thought, but slams you with a good story! Feldman's imagery is impeccable. This is one of the books you can picture as a movie, but Hollywood probably couldn't do it justice.

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About the Author:

Ellen Feldman was born in 1941. She also writes romance novels set in the first half of the twentieth century under the name of Elizabeth Villars.

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