Charles Williams

"The Sailcloth Shroud"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark MAY 17, 1998)

The Sailcloth Shroud by Charles Williams

Funny how this happens.  I just finished reading Dead in the Water which has a man who dies of a heart attack while at sea resulting in a sea burial and the after effects. Then I pick up this book and guess what?  Another heart attack/burial at sea. But a whole different sstory. This story was originally published in 1959, but the only thing that dates a good sailing story are the sailing instruments. 

Williams also wrote Dead Calm and The Wrong Venus, both also out of print, but I'm willing to bet they are just as good as this one.  In fact, from the little that I can gleam, it looks like it is his book that is the basis for Dead Calm, the movie.  THAT movie scares me every time I see it!

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Bibliography: (with links to

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  • The Catfish Tangle (River Girl) (1951)
  • Big City Girl (1951)
  • Hell Hath No Fury (1953)
  • Nothing in Her Way (1953)
  • A Touch of Death (Mix Yourself a Redhead) (1954; January 2006)
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  • Dead Calm (1963)
  • The Wrong Venus (1966)
  • And the Deep Blue Sea (1971)
  • Man on a Leash (1973)

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About the Author:

Charles Williams was born in 1909 in San Angelo, Texas. During the Depression years, Charles went to sea, serving ten years as a radioman in the Merchant Marine which he later put to use when he started to write novels.

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