Wilhelmina Baird


(Reviewed by Judi Clark APR 19, 1998)

Cassandra and her two guys, Moke and Dosh, squat in an abandon warehouse and do whatever they have to do to make it.  When given an opportunity to star in a movie which would give them enough money to get off-planet, they take it.  But when movies are filmed by capturing the emotion of surprised actors, when does the film begin and how far will they go to entertain the Ari's?  This was my second time reading Crashcourse (I picked it up to write a summary and read it again!).  This is classic cyberpunk.   The poetical language and humor make it an entertaining read. Unfortunately it is now out of print so keep an eye out at your used paperback bookstore.

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NOTE: This predates reality T.V. -- read this book and see just how far this trend could go! (J. C. 2006)

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According to one UK paperback edition, Wilhemina Baird was born in Dunfermline, Fife in 1935 but was brought up in England. She took up teaching temporarily while she tried to finish her MA thesis. However, her Open University teaching continued, and the MA was sidelined. She describes herself as 'the classic taught-everything-everywhere-can't-stand-still guy'. She dabbled in writing short stores and thrillers but was published only when she retired from teaching. She now lives in France.

Wilhelmina Baird may be the pseudonym of British author Joyce Hutchinson.
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