Sally Chapman

Julie Blake - Computer Fraud Investigator, Silicon Valley, California


(Reviewed by Judi Clark JUL 13, 1998)

Cyberkiss by Sally Chapman

I stumbled upon this book at a summer sale and I really feel lucky! Chapman succeeds in writing a Silicon Valley Mystery thatkept me guessing and with lots of humor.  This is the third book in a series featuring sleuth Julie Blake.  When we meet her in this book, she has just left a successful career as a VP to start her own detective agency with her boyfriend Vic. (I personally believe in dropping out and trying something new, so I don't have a problem with this part of the plot...) They expect to solve security problems for large corporations but instead a "techno-nerd" client stumbles into their office (and lives) and they end up solving a murder (or two).  Chapman worked at IBM for nine years and is a veteran of Silicon Valley.  For a techie, she sure writes a good mystery.  Unfortunately, a search of her on the net is turning up nothing so I have no links and it looks like her earlier books, Love Bytes and Raw Data are now good finds in a used bookstore.

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Silicon Mystery Series

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  • A Touch of Heaven (1989)


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Sally ChapmanSally Chapman worked for IBM for nine years and is a veteran of the Silicon Valley computer world.  A graduate of the University of Texas, she lives with her husband in California, outside San Francisco. About Us | Subscribe | Review Team | History | ©1998-2014