Thomas D. Davis

Dave Strickland - Private Investigator, Southern California

"Consuming Fire"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark FEB 6, 1999)

Consuming Fire

Here's another ex-cop turned private P.I. living in southern California mystery novel.  But wait!  This is not just any writer. Mr. Davis holds a Ph.D in philosophy and he gives us a few things to think about while taking us along on this page turner of an investigation. 

In Consuming Fire, Strickland is hired to figure out who is sending threatening letters and making harassing phone calls to John Haven, author of a book on suffering grief.  John Haven's expertise for his book comes from his own first hand experience from losing his son in a burning building while saving three other children.  Haven also leads a group of grieving parents who have lost their children to an unsolved serial murderer. Strickland turns out to be right for this job because he too has lost a wife and child and can relate to the various stages of grief experienced by the parents. 

Now before you start to think this sounds like a morbid book, think again, the subject is tough but the mystery moves fast.  Strickland is a very likable, intelligent and sensitive guy who gets just as banged up as any other P.I. The difference is that after the last page, we're still thinking about the moral implications.

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About the Author:

Thomas D. DavisThomas D. Davis has been an insurance claims investigator, a bar musician, and a college professor.  He holds a Ph.D in philosophy and is the author of Philosophy: An Introduction Through Fiction, Discussion and Readings.

Suffer Little Children won a Shamus Award for Best First P.I. novel. 

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