Jean Hager

Mitch Bushyhead - Half-Cherokee Police Chief - Buckskin, Oklahoma

"Fire Carrier"

((Reviewed by Judi Clark AUG 2, 1998)

Fire Carrier by Jean Hager

This book is part of Jean Hager's Chief Bushyhead series.  She is not as well known as Tony Hillerman, but does the same for the Cherokee culture of Oklahoma as Hillerman does for the Navajos in the Four Corners area; her writing and story telling is on par with Hillerman. 

In this book, we start with Henderson Sixkiller as he escapes from jail in order to save his sister from her horrible marriage with a wife-beater.  Meanwhile, Chief Bushyhead and others have been trying to find who is stealthily stealing very expensive horse tackle throughout Cherokee County.  This is tied to together with one murder and a mysterious light in the woods of which some believe to be the return of the "fire carrier."  The story unfolds around us, with one fun night at a stomp party, as we follow Chief Bushyhead about his business and personal life. 

Hager also writes a series featuring Molly Bearpaw, crime investigator, but I haven't had the pleasure to read any in this series yet.

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Mitch Bushyhead Series:

Molly Bearpaw Series:

  • Ravemocker (1992)
  • The Redbird's Cry (1994)
  • Seven Black Stones (1995)
  • The Spirit Caller (1997)

Iris House Bed and Breakfast Series:



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Jean HagerJean Hager is a writing teacher and the author of more than 50 novels, including three mysery series. Her mysteries concentrate on the traditional Cherokee, mainly in the Tahlequah area. She herself is one-sixteenth Cherokee.  She lives in Tulsa Oklahoma with her husband and children. About Us | Subscribe | Review Team | History | ©1998-2014