Marshall Karp

Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs - L.A. P.D. Dectectives, Los Angeles, California

"The Rabbit Factory"

(Reviewed by Jana L. Perskie MAY 1, 2006)

"I always thought of Lamaar as a rip-off of Disney," Terry said. "But that sort of like saying that Pepsi is a rip-off of Coke. There may be truth in it, but it's an eight hundred-pound gorilla on its own."

The Rabbit Factory by Marshall Karp

Marshall Karp's first novel The Rabbit Factory is a mega-winner that gives a whole new meaning to the police procedural. This novel is a must-read for those looking for something new and original in fiction, especially fans of mystery thrillers.

Set in Hollywood's Lamaar Studios "Family Land," (a theme park similar to Disneyland...but NOT), the gruesome murder of Rambunctious Rabbit kick-starts the storyline. Rambunctious is a huge, big-footed hare dressed in signature red, white and blue, (translate the long-eared, burrowing mammal version of Mickey Mouse). Eddie Elkins, a sex offender, child molester and convicted pedophile plays the part of this particular rabbit...but not for long. Elkins, who had paid the proverbial "pretty penny" for a new identity, was only on the job for six weeks before being brutally strangled during a cigarette break. And this is only the first of many murders to come which will effect Lamaar's bottom line, not to mention the victims' families lives.

Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs are the duo from LAPD heading the investigation - and these two guys are the BEST. Mike is a recent widower whose wife sends him love letters from beyond the grave. And Terry thinks he is a comedian - "Terry the Fun Homicide Cop" Hah!! The chemistry and humor between the two detectives is fantastic! Minor characters, especially Big Jim, Lomax's hulking teamster father, are well drawn and extremely appealing.

The Rabbit Factory is one of the most entertaining books I have read in many a moon. The murder mystery is gripping, filled with suspense, and the characters are compelling as are the subplots. What's not to like??

I predict this one will skyrocket to the top of the bestseller lists...and it deserves too!

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About the Author:

Marshall KarpMarshall Karp was born in June 1942 in Manhattan, but grew up in a small factory town across the river in New Jersey. He went to Rutgers University to study biology and become a dentist, failed biology but did well in English.

He is a advertising copywriter by trade, and has also written for the stage, screen and television. His play, "Squabbles," published by Samuel French, has been performed in over 600 theaters around the world. He has been a writer and a producer and executive producer on network TV shows for all the major networks. His first feature film, "Just Looking," directed by Jason Alexander, was released in 2000.

He lives in upstate New York. About Us | Subscribe | Review Team | History | ©1998-2014