Phoebe Atwood Taylor

Asey Mayo - former sailor and auto racer, amateur sleuth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

"The Cape Cod Mystery"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark MAR 5, 1998)

The Cape Cod Mystery by Phoebe Atwood Taylro

Asey Mayo does for Cape Cod what Travis McGee does for Southern Florida.  These books were written in the 40's and it is very surprising the number of issues that the natives complained about back then that are similar to today's issues.  These mysteries poke fun at the provincial attitudes of "Cape Cod-ders" (that hasn't changed) and have a cast of absurd characters. They are a little old fashioned (but don't tell the characters that!), but worth the read if just to give us a chance to visit the Cape when there was more wilderness and it didn't take hours to cross the Bourne bridge.

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Phoebe Atwood Taylor (1909-1976) wrote a lot of pulp mysteries in the 1930s and 1940s. Her detective Asey Mayo was very popular and she wrote many mysteries around this humorous Cape Codder. She also wrote under several pen names including Alice Tilton which she used for her Leonidas Witherall mysteries. About Us | Subscribe | Review Team | History | ©1998-2014