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(Reviewed by Amanda Richards SEP 21, 2007)

“Meanwhile here was the ubiquitous AK-47”

Havoc by Jack DuBrul

Set in a multitude of locations across the globe and covering several periods in history, this is a fast moving quasi-historical thriller which begins at the Hindenburg disaster, but backtracks to the time of Alexander the Great, the ancient Egyptians and even Homer’s Odyssey, before arriving at its exciting but improbable conclusion.

Our story begins aboard the Hindenburg with a certain Mr. Chester Bowie being in possession of a safe with contents so valuable that he is willing to go to great lengths to keep it out of the wrong hands. Mr. Bowie appears to be somewhat deranged, but just prior to the disaster, the safe and its precious contents disappear into the night.

The next scene takes us to the Central African Republic, where leading character Philip Mercer, a geologist and part time Government employee, meets Cali Stowe, who’s in Africa ostensibly as a field researcher for the CDC.  Barely escaping with their lives, the two leave many questions unanswered, and spend the remainder of the book trying to fill in the blanks.

From Atlantic City to Arlington, to Niagara Falls, Russia, Africa and back, and then on to Egypt, the pair and their allies manage to make progress, but every forward step is blocked by a formidable enemy with one eye and no mercy. Everybody everywhere seems armed to the teeth with the ubiquitous AK-47s which pop up in almost every chapter, RPG rocket launchers, Kalashnikov AK-74s and more.  In addition to these, and to make it more complicated, there’s also a shadowy group with a secret to protect lurking in the background, and nobody seems to be who they say they are.

The central plot is provocative and intriguing, although a huge stretch of the imagination, and the action is fast, brutal and bloody.  The two things that detract from the story are firstly, the chemistry between Mercer and Cali which bubbles and toils with lots of troubles, but never gets to boiling point, and secondly, there are several typos and spelling errors which should never have slipped past the editing point, and I found these distracting.

A good read for action/adventure fans who aren’t too fussy about historical and grammatical accuracy or steamy love scenes.

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About the Author:

Jack du Brul Jack DuBrul was born in Burlington, Vermont in 1968. He is a graduate of the Westminster School and George Washington University. Trying to add as much adventure to his life as he does to his novels, du Brul has climbed Masada at noon, swam in the Arctic Ocean off Point Barrow, explored war-torn Eritrea, camped in Greenland, and was gnawed on by piranhas in the Amazon River. He collects zeppelin memorabilia and when not writing or travelling (25 countries and counting), he can be found in a favorite chair with a book and a brandy.

Jack DuBrul lives in Burlington, Vermont.

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