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"White Rush/Green Fire"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark FEB 13, 1999)

White Rush / Green Fire by Mark McGarrity

Two old friends, Nathanson and Creach, are on their way to a drug deal: the big one, the last one.  They don't need the money as they have had a very successful career. Until now. They soon realize that the seaplane is in place ahead of them and it looks like it belongs to the Romeros brothers who screwed them in the past. Not good. The two of them get pretty well hurt, lose one crew member but kill all of the Colombian bad guys. Next morning, three couples bareboat chartering in the Bahamas, come across the power boat, dead bodies, weapons, cocaine and 2.4 million dollars. So who wouldn't take the money and the coke?  Well, probably most of us. But one of these guys is a Chief Cicciolino of NYPD and he's had enough exposure to know how to take care of things. 

There is so much action in the first 60 pages of this book that I had to catch my breath before I continued on with the next 400 pages. The central theme is "Greed kills."  And does it kill. There are a lot of people to keep track of and as many schemes. The Colombians send a sicaria to recover the money and to kill everyone-- Nathanson and Creach, the six people on the charter boat and all witnesses.  Meanwhile Chief Cicciolino schemes to set up the largest drug deal in New York City involving the top dealer in East Harlem. This book reads like a really good action flick. I don't know if they could pull it off as a movie, but I'd love to see them try. Meanwhile, if you can find a copy of this book, pick it up!  I think you'll enjoy the adventure.

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Bartholomew Gill or Mark McGarrityMark McGarrity was born in Massachusetts. He graduated Brown University and Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He was a journalist for the Newark Star-Leger.  McGarrity also wrote the Peter McGarr mysteries, set in Ireland, under the pseudonym of Bartholomew Gill. His Peter McGarr novel, The Death of a Joyce Scholar, was nominated for an Edgar Award. He divided his time between Cranberry Lake, New Jersey and Dublin, Ireland. Mark McGarrity passed away in the summer of 2002. About Us | Subscribe | Review Team | History | ©1998-2014