Ross Thomas

"The Fools In Town Are On Our Side"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark APR 18, 1999)

The Fools in Town are on our side

Lucifer Dye grew up in a Shanghai whorehouse. He's learned  the arts of espionage and betrayal. And he is out of work which makes him the perfect candidate for the perfect job: to corrupt the middle-sized Gulf Coast city of Swankerton. Teamed with a beautiful ex-call girl, a devious ex-chief police and a twenty-six year old prince of sleaze, Dye sees a ton of cash before his eyes. And then the other side offers more. It's anyone's guess which side Lucifer Dye is really on... 
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"Missionary Stew"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark APR 18, 1999)

Missionary Stew

If I remember this correctly, at the start of the book, journalist Morgan Citron is literally climbing out of a cannibal's stewpot.  But this is nothing compared to what he's about to be dragged into.  Hired by a political kingpin to investigate a cocaine war,  Citron uncovers a scandal involving the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. Thomas has a good hold on language, is funny and is very good at setting up political intrigue. He writes plots that just don't go out of style! When Carl and I were living on the boat without a TV, we would "cast" his characters. 

At the time of Ross Thomas' death, all of his books were still in print. In the past year, since I started this site, there are hardly in books left in print. This is really unfortunate.

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"The Seersucker Whipsaw"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark APR 18, 1999)

This time we go to a developing country in Africa.   They are about to hold their first election.  So political manager Clinton Shartelle receives the challenge of a life-time when he runs a campaign against the CIA's candidate. As usual Ross Thomas, there's a lot of layers, many things going on, a few surprises.  This might be my favorite of the ones I've read so far. 

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* Features Mac McCorkle, saloon owner and Mike Padillo, spy in Bonn, Germany
** Features Artie Wu and Quincy Durant, soldiers of fortune for WuDu Ltd.

Written as Oliver Bleeck (all out-of-print):


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About the Author:

Ross ThomasRoss Thomas wrote his first novel, The Cold War Snap, in six weeks at the age of 40. It won an Edgar, the mystery writer's equivalent of an Oscar.   In the 29 years that followed, Thomas came up with 24 novels at least as good. He won another Edgar for Briarpatch in 1985. Thomas often said that he didn't know how his books would turn out when he started them, which probably explains why they have a sense that anything could happen. Ross Thomas died in 1995 at the age of 69.

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