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NOTE: As of 2012, MostlyFiction is not posting new reviews... please do not send submissions.


Submission Guidelines would really like to consider your book for review, however, the liklihood that we will be able to review your book is slim.

MostlyFiction only reviews about 30 books a month, which is a drop in the bucket considering how many books are published each year. So, chances are, whatever book you are asking us to review will not be one of the ones we choose. I am sorry, but that is the truth of the situation.

MostlyFiction exists to recommend books that we enjoy reading. We don't have to like every aspect of the book to recommend it but we have to feel that it is worthwhile way for others to spend their time. If for any reason the book disappoints us to the point that we don't want to recommend it, then we most likely won't post a review. This means that sometimes we take our chances on a book, but if we don't care for it, we will not post a review for it.

If your book has not been professionally edited, then please do not send a request for review. We believe that there is no writer who can't use an editor's touch to tighten and improve a story.

Guidelines for Submitting a Book to be Reviewed:

Send mail to ProposedBook with the following (all attachments should be in .html or ,pdf):

  1. Is this book listed at today?
  2. Book name and author
  3. Publisher and publication date
  4. ISBN Number
  5. Web site information
  6. Book Synopsis
  7. Book Review quotes/praise
  8. Book Excerpt (if available) with permission to publish
  9. Author information
  10. Which "bookshelf" seems to be the best fit for your book.

After we receive this information and if we agree to review it, you will be sent an e-mail with details as to where to mail a copy of the book for review.

PLEASE NOTE: You will only hear from us IF we are going to review your book. Due to the enormous number of requests, MostlyFiction will only reply if interested in your book.

We are NOT interested in:

  • Self Published
  • How-to books
  • Bibliographies
  • Memoirs
  • Inspirational or Faith based
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Vampire
  • Horror
  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Children's Books
  • Books not listed at


Guidelines for Submitting a Review You've Written:

What did you think of the character development in the last book you read? Was the plot of a thriller too complicated or too simplified? How does the book compare to others the author has written? If you love to read and want to let others know about a book you enjoyed then maybe you should consider submitting reviews to I like to write reviews because it gives me a chance to think about the book a little longer after I've come to the last page. Maybe you'll enjoy this benefit as well.

If your review is accepted it will be posted with your byline. If I like what you are doing, then I will forward new books to you for review and although I can't pay you, you can keep the books. (At least it is a little perk.)

Guidelines for Book Review Submission:

  1. Jump down and answer the "interview questions."
  2. The book should generally fit into a bookshelf category.
  3. The copy should be in .txt, .doc or .html (but don't convert .doc to .html)
  4. Include the book name and author, ISBN and book publisher and date.
  5. Include your full name, the way you would want to see it in the byline.
  6. Include a brief bio (you can wait to see if the copy is accepted and send it later).
  7. If previously published, where the copy also appears.
  8. Send mail to BookReview

Here's some links that can help give ideas on how to write a book review:


  • There is no right/wrong way to write a book review. Book reviews are highly personal and reflect the opinions of the reviewer.
  • A review can be as short as 400 words, or as long as 20000 words, depending on the purpose of the review.
  • Keep your audience in mind! This will help define the emphasis you put on various parts of the review.

Reviewer "Interview Questions" for

Please answer these questions and submit with an "audition" book review:

1) What are the last three books that you read?

2) What types of books do you enjoy most?

3) Assuming you have a "TBR" pile, which three books do you plan to read next?

4) If you were given a gift certificate to buy any three new books, which would they be?

5) Do you have some favorite authors and who are they? (I realize this is an impossible question for avid book readers, so don't stress too much over it)

6) Where do you live --- once you are accepted as a reviewer then you will have the option to have books sent to you for review (or you can pick from your own stash).

7) How many reviews do you think they you will want to write? (one a month, one every other month, one every other week, etc.) Most people can do 1, maybe 2, a month if they are working full time. If you haven't actually written a review before, this might be hard to guess at, but you can say your intention. Promise I won't hold you to it.

8) Is there a particular review that you've read on that you liked and feel that's what you would have said about the book?

9) What do you use for a computer? Is it reliable? Will you use MS Word, Mac Page or an equivalent for writing the reviews?

10 Please provide a short biography of yourself to be used on MostlyFiction if you are accepted as a reviewer.

11) So now that you've made it through all these questions, which book do you propose to write your audition review on? (Note, please let us know if the "audition" book review has been published elsewhere or if it is available to be published on

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and to submit your review.