Vincent Patrick

"The Pope of Greenwich Village"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark MAR 20, 1998)

The Pope of Greenwich Village

This is a very funny book. Elmore Leonard could not have written it any better. It's about New York and mob life; about hustling, cheating, lying, stealing, and justifying it all.

Barney, a half blind safecracker, Paulie, an outrageous little hustler who lives as high as he can on the little that he makes and Charlie, who has alimony payment and a pregnant girlfriend decide to try a scheme to make it into the big time.

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"Family Business"

(Reviewed by Judi Clark APR 23, 1999)

Family Business by Vincent Patrick

The central plot to this book concerns three generations of men, father, son and grandson, who share the New York ethnic mix and an apparent "thieving" gene.  There's the grandfather, Jessie McCullen (half-Irish, half-Cherokee), his son Vito (half-Italian) and Adam (half-Jewish). Vito has never really liked the idea of growing up the son of a criminal, and he has maintained a mostly honest wholesale meat business. A little late he realizes that his son has been cooking up a scheme with his father.  He goes along, if nothing else to protect his son.  This book is humorous, a good story about fathers and sons, and a decent heist story to boot.

The movie version is good, but the book is more fun.

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